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Lewis and Clark Explore America

By David Cross
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"The driving question is: How would the Lewis and Clark Expedition prepare you to be on "Survivor?""

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Grade Level: 8

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: English/Language Arts

Lewis and Clark

Courage, Diligence, Exploring, Facing Challenges, Perseverance

Approximately 4 weeks
Lewis and Clark travelled across America into unknown and often hostile areas. Their two year journey was filled with challenges and dangers. Students will work collaboratively to find out how Lewis and Clark survived this ordeal and whether their travels would prepare them to be on "Survivor." A more detailed overview of this project can be found at www.ewyl.net/dcross/overview.html

2004 is the bicentenial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. This alone will give student motivation to learn more about the journey. Additionally, this project will improve student technological, research and presentation skills.