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Almost Real World

By Megan Bly
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"The real world is filled with choices and decisions that need to be made. Many of these deal with personal finance because we need money in order to meet our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. What is the best budget plan that meets all of your basic needs and allows you to have some enjoyment in life - whether it's a fancy home, cool car, traveling, or special hobbies?"

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Grade Level: 6

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Math
Secondary: Technology

Number Sense & Problem-Solving

Budgeting, Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Problem-Solving, Real World Math Application

This project will continue for several months, focusing on it for at least half of a period, 1-3 days per week.
Students will be given a role to play in Almost Real World. The role will comprise of an education level, job title, salary and family details (married, single, kids, no kids). Utilizing this role and information, the students will create a budget, utilizing their math skills with percents, decimals and fractions they are learning in class. There are certain requirements they need to meet with their budgets, such as finding shelter, food, clothing, transportation, etc.
The students will reflect on their lessons in a weblog and the project will culminate in an electronic portfolio they create in PowerPoint. Through groupwork, the students will compare and contrast their budgets and spending habits. In the end, they need to decide what makes a "best" budget and share that in their electronic portfolio.

Many of my 6th grade students do not see the practical real world applications of the math they are learning in class. This project will jump them foward in the future to their adult lives when they have to fend for themselves. Students will apply their knowledge of calculating with percents, decimals and fractions to real world situations that they will face when they are older. Utilizing technology to not only use for research, but to create the final product will be a motivational tool to keep the students excited and interested over the term of the project.