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Perspective in Art

By Lawrence Montgomery
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"The art of creating the illusion of depth and distance in a work of art is a complex task. How does an artist do it?"

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Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Fine Arts
Secondary: Technology

Perspective in art

- Atmospheric perspective, - Linear Perspective, Art History, Artist use of perspective, Web search

One week
After being introduced to the concepts of Perspective the students go on a web search from museums around the world looking for examples of perspective in paintings and drawings. Having gathered sample works of art that demonstrate Linear and Atmospheric Perspective they will build a PowerPoint presentation to showcase their findings to their fellow classmates.

For students to develop an appreciation and understanding of art they need to know the concepts involved in creating works of art. A web search to identify the concepts of Perspective will help the students understand what techniques artists use to create the illusion of distance and depth. They can then use this knowledge in critiquing works of art and apply these techniques in creating their own work.