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The Sonoma Valley Veterans Oral History Project

By Andy Gibson
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"Who is more important in history...great leaders or the common people?"

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Grade Level: 11

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: Computer Science, Geography, Technology

Local Veterans Oral History

Community Involvement, Historical Appreciation, Historical Conservation, Oral History

7 Months (Ongoing throughout the year)
History is a story well told. It is not a stagnent set of dates in a dusty book, but a living phenomenom. The aim of the Sonoma Valley Veteran's Oral History Project is for students and the community to learn history through the eyes of those who lived it. Our goal is to for our particpants and viewers to gain an appreciation for oral history, and for them to realize the importance of its conservation.

Most of my students feel disconnected from history. They tend to view it as boring, and stagnent. My goal is to show them that not only is history alive, but that it is something that surrounds and effects thier daily lives. In addition, I want my students to understand the importance of community involvement, and provide them the opportunity to interact with older generations as an equal.