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Creating an Exemplary Project Plan

By Linda Ullah, Gayle Britt, Chris Heumann
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"How do we prove that teachers can plan and implement curriculum, based on standards and sound educational research and theory, that fosters high quality student learning outcomes?"

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Core Understandings
  • A well planned project will be a successful project.
  • Well planned projects help students use higher-order thinking skills as well as learn content.
  • Assessment strategies are tied to learner objectives in a well planned project.
  • Project planning is a formative process.
  • PBL, if well done, leads to better student learning outcomes.
Learning Objectives
  • Teachers will create well planned project plans as measured by the quality of the plans on the project planning checklist.
  • Teachers will make maximum use of the project planning resources in My eCoach and the EWYL curriculum as measured by evidence that these are included in their project plans.
  • Teachers will continue to use the My eCoach planning tools for other projects, lessons, activities, web resource lists, collaboration, etc. as measured by the feedback to coaches (instructors) by My eCoach.
  • Teachers will do the projects planned with students and at least 35% will earn recognition or awards for their projects.