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Building Online Learning Communities

By Trena Noval, Barbara Bray
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"How can best practices be supported in a successful online coaching and mentoring community?"

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Core Understandings
  • Learning communities can help to build strong teaching collaborations, teach best practices and ensure successful, sustainable professional development.
  • Sharing planning, teaching strategies and teaching successes help to build confident teachers and rich learning environments for students to learn in.
  • Student performance standards and outcomes improve and grow in classrooms where teachers are supported and mentored.
  • As a member of a Professional Learning Community, participants collectively examine and collaboratively work to improve their personal lives and/or professional practice.
Learning Objectives
  • Educators create standards based curriculum as part of the My eCoach Learning Community.
  • Shared collaboration opportunities help educators to create and analyze best practices in teaching.
  • Educators combine professional development opportunities with curriculum development and classroom practice to create professional portfolios of student outcomes.
  • Educators gain the experience of working in a supportive environment that builds trust and respect among its' members.
  • Participants in the community facilitate engaging and thought provoking online discussions that focus on current educational issues, pedagogy, and curriculum development.