My Alphabet Book

By Jenni Cummings
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"Why is phonemic awareness essential to life-learning?"

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1: Alphabet of Names
In order for children to understand the value of letters, they need to see how letters affect them first-hand. The best way to start teaching this is to show them that their names are made up of letters. I do this ...

2: Letter Exploration
During the week, the students will spend a lot of time exploring and manipulating letters. They will use many different realia to work on the letters. Here are some examples:

1. Fingers in the Air: Have the students draw the letters with two fingers in the air together. ...

3: Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

This year has gotten off to a great start. I am so excited to have your child in my class and am thrilled that the students are showing such enthusiasm for learning. Beginning next week, we ...

4: Letter Sharing
Each Thursday, the students will bring in two items for letter sharing. Each Thursday morning, we will have sharing time. Everyone will begin with "I have a ____________. ______________ starts with the letter _____."
The rest of the class will say, "This is ...

5: The BOOK!
Finally the time has come for the culmination project. On Thursday, students will be pulled during centers to photograph their objects. .

The teacher will take photos of the students making the letter of the week with their bodies as well. Be sure to use all of ...

6: Integrating Technology
Now that the photos have been taken, the time has come to put the book together.

On Friday, the students will be called during choosing time to type their text on the computer into a word document. They will need help with spelling and finding the letters but by ...