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The Three Branches of Government

By Heidi Jones
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"What do the three branches of government do?"

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Activity 1: Research
Students will be placed into groups.
The groups will research a specific branch of government using the Internet.
Notes will be taken on an Appleworks document.
The notes will be used for future activities.

Activity 2: Ezedia Slideshow
Notes taken from the research will be used to create a slideshow.
Each group will create a part of the slideshow on their branch of government.
Through Ezedia, the slideshows will be combined to create a presentation on all three branches of government.

Activity 3: Three Branches Skit
The students will perform a skit about the branches of government.

The groups that the students were put into for the research and the slideshow will stay in the same groups for the skit.
Each group will dress up and act like one person from their bronch o...