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Lewis and Clark Explore America

By David Cross
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"The driving question is: How would the Lewis and Clark Expedition prepare you to be on "Survivor?""

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Activity 1: Lewis and Clark Survey
Develop a parent/adult survey about Lewis and Clark. Students will brainstorm with the teacher to identify what they know and would like to know (KWL) about L & C. Students will then develop several survey question each to ask parents. The class will decide...

Activity 2: Trip Planning
The class will be divided into four groups. Each group will plan a different aspect of the Lewis and Clark journey, through research (online and text), so that each member of the group become an expert. The topics include: communication, economic incentives,...

Activity 3: Geography Challenge
Students will complete the "Geography Challenge" on page 51 of the text. This will give them an overview of where L & C journeyed and the challenges which faced them.

Activity 4: Web Page Development
Students will form new groups with one "expert" from each of the previous groups into their group. The new group will then choose a location where L & C faced a difficult challenge and will create a web page or pages which describe the challenge, how the over...

Activity 5: Video Production
Each group will create a video (approximately two minutes in length) which will visually show information from the web site they are developing. The students may present the information in creative methods, but information, costumes and language must be histo...

Activity 6: Survivor Interview Web Page/Video
The final portion of this project is a student scripted interview between a 'Survivor' contestant/wannabe who will talk to L & C to determine how they would do on Survivor now. Students will create a web page with an accompanying video for this final portion ...