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Who are YOU?

By Kaki Shields
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"How do we identify our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and loves, our philosophy and ideas,and how do we communicate these essentials to others?"

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Outer me/Inner me

Discuss stereotyping; students fill out handout "You and Stereotyping", read poem "My Mask". Show teacher's movie "Who Are You?" Another self portrait-CHOICE: use your digital photo and create a collage on top of it, w/images that represent your personality, interests, and ideas; OR use Word Doc, Paint, Photoshop, PPt to create a final product.

California Content Standards
English and Language Arts
Grade Eleven
ELA.11.3.0. Literary Response and Analysis
Narrative Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text
ELA.11.3.4. Analyze ways in which poets use imagery, personification, figures of speech, and sounds to evoke readers' emotions.
ELA.11.2.0. Writing Applications (Genres and Their Characteristics)
ELA.11.2.6. Deliver multimedia presentations:
a. Combine text, images, and sound and draw information from many sources (e.g., television broadcasts, videos, films, newspapers, magazines, CD-ROMs, the Internet, electronic media-generated images).
b. Select an appropriate medium for each element of the presentation.
c. Use the selected media skillfully, editing appropriately and monitoring for quality.
d. Test the audience's response and revise the presentation accordingly.


Microsoft Office
2.My Mask & You and StereotypingHandout
3.Who Are You?Video PresentationHardware:
TV Connected to Computer

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Student Work