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Creating an Exemplary Project Plan

By Linda Ullah, Gayle Britt, Chris Heumann
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"How do we prove that teachers can plan and implement curriculum, based on standards and sound educational research and theory, that fosters high quality student learning outcomes?"

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1: Using My eCoach
As an EWYL or EWYL Fellows teacher,  you have a one year subscription to

2: My eCoach Tutorials
Before using My eCoach, please take the time to go through the tutorials. The tutorials are organized sequentially based on the left-hand menu. Please work with a partner and go through the tutorials in the following order. Click the NEXT button ...

3: Take a Quiz on My eCoach
The following quiz is meant to be used as a class discussion.  Your instructor will lead you though it. 

4: Explore eLibrary
Find the eLibrary link in the menu in the left-hand column and click on it. Begin exploring it by clicking on a content area or topic that interests you. You can also enter key words in

5: Add Standards to Profile
 Before you can begin creating your project you need to add the content standards from which youíll be selecting the standards to be met by your project.  You do this in your profile.  Go to your profile folder in the top righthand corner of

6: Create Web Resource List
You are now ready to begin creating your first Web Resource List. A Web Resource List is a web page of linked web sites that can be organized in categories.  They are great for:
  • Internet research
  • independent practice
  • an activity at a computer center
  • homework ...

7: Participate in a Forum
Forums are threaded discussions.  This is a good place to discuss best practices, share ideas, and throughts about your projects.   To use the forum for our team go to the Forums link in ...

8: Create a Calendar
1.  Select the My Calendar button in the menu on the left.

2. Review the Calendar tutorial.

3. Set up a personal calendar that you can access from any computer, anywhere.

4.  If you are working with a partner, put your dates/times to collaborate, or ...

9: Use the Message Center
1.  Review the Message Center tutorial.

2.  Click on the Message Center button in the menu on the left.

3. Send a message to one of your instructors about something you are learning in EWYL.

10: Analyze Project Plans
Every project begins with a good plan. Before you begin to plan your own projects.  Letís take a look at some good projects plans.  These plans were created using the old Custom Project Builider.  We will be using the New Custom Project Builder ...

11: Begin Your Project Plan
You project plan will be created using the My eCoach New Custom Project Builder v1.2.  You will "publish' this so it can be shared with teachers anywhere.  You can also use this published project plan with your students.  Please complete the sections ...

12: Create a Game Plan
Set up a Game Plan as your personal reflection and notetaking space.  This way you can save your ideas and thoughts about your project in a place where you can access them online from anywhere. 

1.  Review the Game Plan tutorial.

2.  Set up ...

13: Try a Blog
My eCoach has a great Blog tool that you can use to:
  • keep a reflective journal
  • publish as a classroom news source
  • maintain as an educational resource
  • use as a  place to share ideas
  • publish as a classroom web site
  • use as a classroom blog with your students
  • use in ...

14: Let's Chat
Now for some fun.  Online chatting has become quite popular with young people.  It can be for social reasons, and I'm sure you all will discover this when you start "playing" with the My eCoach Chat tool.  It can also be a great way to collaborate ...

15: My eCoach Community
You are now part of the My eCoach community.  We hope you will use this tool for MORE than just your EWYL project.  You have this subscription for the entire school year.  After that, it is your choice whether or not to continue to use My eCoach.  ...