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Building Online Learning Communities

By Trena Noval, Barbara Bray
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"How can best practices be supported in a successful online coaching and mentoring community?"

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Program Overview

The eMINTS National Center offers professional development programs created by educators for educators. eMINTS My eCoach online professional development for veteran eMINTS teachers.

  • eMINTS My eCoach online professional development for veteran eMINTS teachers provides online support and collaboration opportunities for teachers who have completed eMINTS PD.
  • The online veteran program continues the learning experiences eMINTS teachers need to sustain the teaching practices, instructional techniques and technology skills gained in eMINTS PD.
  • No minimum or maximum number of participants required.
This is the second year for veteran eMINTS teachers to participate in online PD and going on the third year. Deadline to sign up for 06-07 is August 18, 2006.

Project Examples

Pam Lowe is a fourth grade eMINTS teacher who is in her second year using My eCoach to chronicle her student work and growth as a teacher. Check out her ePortfolio
for a wide range of activities and projects that align to Missouri standards, a long list of awards, and her reflections on how technology has enhanced her curriculum.

Ruth Kem just started using My eCoach this year and created a WRL Using Metrics to Measure and  followed the 2006 Olympics while asking Why is it important to learn about Olympic games of the past and present?

Gayle Cantrell as Head eCoach created several examples along with the four eCoaches who supported their teachers around the state of Missouri and Utah. Online Talking Books - Timelines - Smartboards in Elementary Classrooms .

Brooke Higgins created a collection of examples for her teachers including
Do You Sudoku?? - Instead of Book Reports - Keepingyour Body Healthy - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -  and to prepare this Hurricane season, check this WRL.

Anne Jeschke provides teacher training and found My eCoach a great place to provide a list of websites and resources for her participants. Some examples include
Behavioral Social Adaptation Sites - Online MAP Practice Sites - MAP Test Taking Sites.