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Fairy Tales

By Sarah Nepple, Trish Alexander, Amanda Collier
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Activity 1: Introduction to Fairy Tales
What is a fairy tale? Learn about the elements of fairy tales.

Read fairy tales online. Use the "Themes Presented in Fairy Tales" chart to record the themes you find in fairy tales.

Activity 2: Cultural Fairy Tales
Compare and Contrast the North American version of Cinderella to the Cinderella of other cultures.

Read Cendrillon by Robert San Souci. How does this story compare and contrast to Cinderella?

Watch "The Turkey Girl" from United Streaming. How does this...

Activity 3: Introducing Fractured Fairy Tales
Review the elements of fairy tales. Talk about how fairy tales are often changed and rewritten. These stories are called "fractured fairy tales."

Read aloud the online story of "The Three Little Pigs."

Then, read aloud "The True Story of the Three ...

Activity 4: Exploring Fractured Fairy Tales
Divide into teams of four to read fractured fairy tales and the traditional versions of the stories. Have teams complete the following activities:
1. Create story maps for both versions of the fairy tale.
2. Compare the two story maps and record the simi...

Activity 5: Write Your Own Fractured Fairy Tale!