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By Pam Lucker
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"How have horses helped us to understand the world we live in?"

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Student Guide

Introduction to horses

Research Horse Facts
Use books and internet as tools to reseach facts about horses. Use the questions as guides for your research that you did with your 5th grade buddies.

Some question examples were: What do horses eat? What are some of the names of horse body parts? Where do horses live? What are some breeds of horses? Who were some famous horses in history? How do people use horses? What role did horses play in the development of transportation? Students then used these questions to lead their research using the "Horse Study" Web Resource List below, along with books from the library and your classrooms.
You will need:
1.Horse Study - Web Site
2.Questions About Horses and Ponies - Handout

Horse Anatomy
Learn about the different body parts of a horse. Draw horses with an awareness of body parts as you draw. Draw horses doing a variety of movements, for example standing, grazing, running. Observe how body parts change spatially in different movements. Label pictures of horses with body parts names. See attached worksheets.
You will need:
1.Points of a Horse and Pony - Handout

Horse Diamante Poems
Create diamante poems that use descriptive words and action words about horses. Then draw pictures of horses to go with drawings. Listen to several books, both fiction and nonfiction about horses read aloud over 2 weeks. Then as a class, brainstorm words that describe horses and action words that tell about horses. Use  these description words to create poems using the following Diamante format: Horses, adjective, adjective verb (ing ending), verb (ing ending), verb (ing ending) adjective, adjective Horses! For more on creating and teaching Diamante poems, see the link and handout below.
You will need:
1.Diamante Poetry - Web Site
2.Diamante Poems - Handout

Horse iMovie
Use Kid Pix to illustrate a horse picture of your poem. Then audiorecord your poems. Then with your teacher create an iMovie with the recordings and images.