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From Dusk to Dawn: Elders Share Their Stories With Middle School Students

By Terry Roberts
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"How can we create connections between youth and elders?"

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Meet the Author

Terry Roberts
Glen Ellen, CA 


Sonoma Valley Unified

6, 7, 8
My Philosophy
Keep it fun, relevant, and interesting - then the (majority of) students will be motivated.
My Community
Sonoma is a valley in transition, from its agrarian roots to a center of culinary and artistic opportunity. It has become quite a "hot" place to live, and as a result the cost of housing has soared. Sadly, many in our community struggle to make ends meet.
My Environment
Altimira has approximately 600 students and 30 teachers, give or take a few. Our classes are heterogenously grouped, with the exception of ELD and Algebra.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach four sections of Computers Elective, Yearbook, and I am also the coordinator of Earn While You Learn in Sonoma.