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Building Online Learning Communities

By Trena Noval, Barbara Bray
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"How can best practices be supported in a successful online coaching and mentoring community?"

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Meet the Authors

Trena Noval

Richmond, CA 
University Faculty
My Philosophy
I believe that every student given the right supportive environment can become a successful learner. Given that, I also believe the same for teachers. Teachers are part of the group we endearingly call lifelong learners. Our goal for the teachers we work with is to help them fulfill their learning goals through creating an inviting Professional Learning Community where they are inspired and productive, giving them a place they can always trust.
My Community
I am a head eCoach so my community is all over the place, but mostly I work face-toface in local urban schools and in the My eCoach Learning Community with teachers all over the country. That is the beauty of having an online environment as your home base. I live in the bay area where every day on my way to work and school I see the great sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay, have the most incredible selection of great food from around the world, and where the weather is a temperate climate. Here there is a great interacial community, an assortment of languages spoken and incredible cultural traditions practiced. This is what makes my community such a rich place to live.
My Environment
The urban schools in my area are large and generally have more students in a classroom then is ideal for creating a good learning environment. But the teachers that I work with are intelligent, skilled and passionate about their students and teaching.

Barbara Bray

Oakland, CA 
My Philosophy

Being part of a "community of practice", teachers, administrators, students, anyone can collaborate and share and learn from each other. I have met good teachers around the country who feel isolated and want to connect with others like themselves. I created My eCoach® to have an online safe environment that builds communities through coaching and mentoring programs. I wanted to harness the power of the Internet to make a learning community where everyone shares ideas and resources and helps each other so they do not reinvent the wheel over and over again. My focus has been "Making Learning Personal" and the only way to engage learners is to hand them the keys so they drive their learning.

My Community
The San Francisco bay area is a very diverse community with a exciting mixture of ethnic groups, delicious eateries, and lots of things to do. We have the best weather and climate and from the East Bay we have the best view of the city. My eCoach® offers anyone an online community where learning and sharing can happen at anytime from anywhere.
My Environment
The My eCoach environment changes often where groups start their own communities for their school, district, online course, cancer support group, book club, almost anything.
My Roles and Responsibilities

My role is to provide the infrastructure, tools and support for the eCoaches.