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Geometry In Our World

By Lindsey Ahrary
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"How can we use geometric shapes found in objects in our community?"

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Meet the Author

Lindsey Ahrary

Santa Clara, CA 

Buchser Middle School

Santa Clara Unified School District

English/Language Arts
My Philosophy
I believe that every student should have an opportunity to be successful. Students should be afforded a multitude of opportunities to think above-and-beyond what the standards tell them to think; they should apply their knowledge to things that they regularly see in their community. This, I believe, is the only way that students will really care about what they're learning, because it has personal significance to them.
My Community
I teach at Buchser Middle School, which is in the heart of Silicon Valley. The socioeconomic status of the families of our students is extremely diverse; approximately 54% percent of our students receive free of reduced lunch. Although we are surrounded by an abundance of high-tech companies, many of our students don't have a computer at home. Santa Clara University sits adjacent to the school. Museums, parks, and community centers are available mostly in nearby San Jose, which is accessible through public transit.
My Environment
I have 3 student computers and a networked color laser printer. Our school has 32 student computers available in a computer lab for about 2000 students that attend Buchser Middle School.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach Math, Language Arts (Writing), Leadership, and am currently the Student Council Advisor for my school. My students participate in a variety of math projects, including Making a Multiplication and Division Board Game (decimals), Designing a Student Store (percents), and Designing a Dream House (geometry). In Writing class, I teach various expository essays with an emphasis on organization of ideas. I provide various visual guides which aid students in organizing their thoughts. In P.E., I enjoy teaching newly-invented games and soccer. Students in my classroom are at many different levels, including Far Below Basic to a few at Exceeding Standards, so over the years I have learned to differentiate my class work so that all students can be successful.