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Teams to Join

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Retired but Not Forgotten

Retired? Looking for things to do?


This community is for retired educators who just don’t want to rock their years away. You have so much still to do. Connect with other retired folks around the world! You know so much so why not share and learn and do what you’ve always wanted to do.


This is a free community for members.


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English Language Learner Teacher Community

This community is for teachers of English Language Learners (ELL) where they can ask questions, find resources and research, connect with other ELL teachers, and share tips and best practices that will help make you and your job more effective.

This community is free for My eCoach members.

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My eCoach Leadership Community

This is a free community for My eCoach members who are in leadership roles to connect with other leaders around the world.

Use this community to ask questions, find resources and research, connect with others, and share tips that will help make you and your job more effective. My eCoach members can join the Leadership community for free.

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New Themes Team

My eCoach created new themes for My eCoach members who really want to create exciting projects using the Universal Builder. Many of these themes work for specific types of websites.


Join Now for a cost-effective way to make different websites that make you look really good!

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Creating Websites Using the Universal Builder

Have you ever wanted to make your own website but were not sure if you could? Well, this is the team for you. If you can use a word processing program, you will be able to create your own website in a couple of hours plus how to:
  • Plan a website
  • Embed images, links,  files, videos, and more
  • Work collaboratively with your eCoach (and other team members)
There is no charge for individual eCoach members. Questions, message Ken 

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ePortfolio Process

An electronic portfolio is where you collect your work in a digital archive; select specific pieces to highlight specific achievements; reflect on your learning; set goals for future learning; and celebrate achievement. The process includes:

  1. Collect
  2. Plan
  3. Create
  4. Reflect
  5. Publish
  6. Promote
My eCoach members can join this team for $15/year to receive ongoing support while following our process to build their ePortfolios. On this team, they have access to multiple templates with exclusive themes, examples, resources, and research. 

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eTeachers Team

Teachers can now set up Class Teams as an eTeacher for up to 40 students per team for the calendar school year right in My eCoach. This gives their students access to all of the features in My eCoach: team blogs to share links and resources, confidential threaded discussions, websites, presentations, and surveys, and a secure messaging system.

There are even eKids Class Teams where the eTeacher manages either a Generation Yes team or other types of student techies. These eKids are assigned to teachers to help them create class sites or their own class teams.

Teachers will automatically be placed on a free eTeacher team where step-by-step instructions on team set up and use will be provided. To sign up, visit the My eCoach store and select Class Team. $100 for existing My eCoach members; $135 for teachers without a membership.

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Homeschool Network

Welcome to our Homeschool Network team! A place for all of you who are working so hard to provide a outstanding homeschool environment for your children. Find resources, share what you are doing, create webpages, calendars, blogs, surveys and so much more. Bring the 21st century to your Homeschool in this technology rich environment.

My eCoach members can join the Homeschool Network for free. Non-members can join for a $35 one-time lifetime membership fee to My eCoach.

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HyperStudio Community

Are you a HyperStudio user?

Do you know that there is a new version - HyperStudio 5?

Well, this is a playground for you to discuss, learn, share and showcase. Explore our example stacks, participate in creating projects and exchange suggestions for curriculum integration. My eCoach members can join the HyperStudio Playground for free. Non-members can join for a $35 one-time lifetime membership fee to My eCoach.

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Individual Learning Plans

individual learning planDo you have a goal that you would like to reach but need support to get there?


Join this team for 30 days.

  • Find tutorials and background information on ILPs. 
  • Get the feedback and resources you need to create your individual learning plan (ILP) with goals and action steps.
  • Write where you are currently and what you need to reach your goals.
  • Get feedback through eCoaching tools.
  • Create a personal ILP blog with your eCoach.

After 30 days, you continue your membership in My eCoach and can create multiple ILPs.

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" More importantly, I would like to impart a special commendation to Dr. Cynthia Sistek - Chandler and her super c-o-o-l husband, Hoppy, for facilitating and enabling me to achieve this user-friendly website that will make a difference in enhancing and accelerating learning for thousands of high school sophomores."

John Murillo
Education Graduate Student
National University - Los Angeles , Calfornia

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