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This list is comprised from resources collected by eMINTS teachers. Check out some of the fun for learning experiences!

Early Elementary
    •Harcourt School Publishers Math
For early elementary
    •Probability Circus
For early elementary. Spinners
k-12 Resources
    •National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Full of activities for lower elementary to high school
Middle Elementary
    •Ken White's Coin Flipping Page
Shows the chances of coins being flipped.
    •Figure This!
Helps you understand if a game is fair to all players.
    •MathType - Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
Lesson on Introduction to Probability. Includes a spinner
    •What is probability?
Now that we are at the party, its time to play a game. At the same time, we can learn about... probability.
    •Mrs. J. Smith's Math Page
Full of lots of Math activities for elementary students.
    •MLTI/eMINTS in the Wester Maine REgion
Great resources for Probability

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