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Franceschi, Julianne "Italian Balcony" June 2008


With a little creativity these sites can prove invaluable for integrating technology and fun into the classroom.

Community Support
    •Italian Cultural Society
Located in Sacramento
    •Italian Cultural Institute
Located in San Francisco
    •Italian Food Articles
59 Articles on the history and culture of Italian food, the rest of the site includes recipes and other great information
    •About.com: Italian Language
Various articles on culture and language
    •Italian Geography Quiz
Interactive Italian Region Quiz
Grammar and Vocabulary
    •Radio Alrecchino
Italian Grammar and Culture Podcast from the University of Texas at Austin
    •Word Reference
The best online dictionary available
    •Alternative Italian Dictionary
Italian puns, wordplay, double entendres, word games, and malapropisms
    •Applause Learning Resources
The largest collection of books, games, and other teaching materials for Italian available online
    •Italian Language, Grammar, and Usage Resource
Over 200 lessons explaining grammatical concepts.
Italian Websites
Italian Public Television, a true wealth of resources in Italian
    •Internet Bookshop Italia
The Italian equivalent of Amazon.com
    •La befana
Activities and information about the good old lady who bring presents to children January 6th
    •Google in Italian
Great for students to start to use as they reach a higher level of language use
    •Italian Weather
An Italian weather website, great for talking about weather and geography
    •UPIM Clothing Store
A department store website with clothing labeled and priced online
    •Italian Soccer
The official FIFA site for the 2008 season
    •La repubblica
Italian newspaper online, for more advanced students
    •Rai Radio
More from the Rai site, including streaming audio
    •Universal Pictures
Movie trailers and sites in Italian.
    •Liber Liber
Italian literature in the public domain
    •La corrispondenza italiana
A pedagogical guide to writing a letter in Italian.
Study Skills
    •The Curve of Forgetting
Why kids have to study a foreign language every night.
Teaching Resources in English
    •Free Crossword Puzzle Maker
Great for any subject!
    •Make you own word search puzzle
Also great for any subject!
    •Education Coloring Pictures and Photos
Tons of pictures in color and in black and white for adding to presentations or for printing for easy copying
Though there aren't any specific Italian rubrics, often with a few slight modifications a great rubric is only a few clicks away
Video Resources
    •BBC Italian
In addition to videos there are various other resources
Educational videos online
Songs, television shows, random people talking... you name it and it's on here. Try looking up Topo Gigio to start!
Virtual Tours
    •Sistine Chapel
The entire Sistine Chapel in digital form.
    •Vatican Collections Online
Selected works available for viewing online.

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