St. Patrick's Day Resources

Lá Fhéile Pádraig (St. Patrick's Day)

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Pam Lowe

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Phillip Martin. Little Leprechaun. 2010

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    •Fruitloop Rainbow
    •Enchanted Learning Crafts
    •Kissed Blarney Stone
    •St. Patrick's Potato Head
    •Origami Shamrock
    •Funny Fill-In - Luck o' the Irish
    •Lucky Clover Game
Find 7 four-leaf clovers in this interactive game.
    •St. Patrick's Day Interactive Word Search
    •Black Dog's Interactive Games
    •St. Patrick's Day Puzzles
    •History of St.. Patrick's Day
    •Quick Facts
    •Blarney Castle
    •Irish Potato Famine
This interactive tour explores the story of the Great Famine which caused untold suffering for the Irish people during the late 1840s. site annotation for Irish Potato Famine.
    •St. Patrick's Day- Diversity Calendar
University of Kansas Medical Center
    •Lucky Charms Graphing Activity
    •St. Patrick's Day Activities
A teacher describes her St. Patrick's Day activities throughout the day.
    •March Into Shamrock Season
A lesson about colors and symmetry.
    •Poetry Idea Engine
Learn to write a limerick with the Poetry Idea Engine.
    •Kindergarten March Activities
    •First Grade St. Patrick's Day Activities
    •Kindergarten Ideas for St.Patrick's Day
    •More St. Patrick's Day Activities
These activities go with an online project created by Jen Wagoner. The project has expired but some of the activities are interesting.
    •Martin's St. Patrick's Day
Reading Comprehension
    •St. Patrick's Day Snack
St. Patrick's Day Snack Ham on Green Bread Broccoli and Dip Green Apple Green Milkshake
    •Math Drill Worksheets
Worksheets that practice the basic operations
    •St. Patrick's Day Themed Math
Most problems are basic practice - DOK 1
    •Top of the Morn Math Problem
    •St. Patrick's Day Math Problems
    •Shamrock Paths
This activity challenges students to use Pascal's Triangle to figure out how many different ways there are to spell Shamrock. Included in the PDF file are an explanation of how this problem relates to Pascal's Triangle and the numerical solution to the challenge.
    •Shamrock Patterns
Extra shamrocks to complete pattern.
    •Shamrock Pattern
    •Acrostic Poem-Lucky
    •History of Ireland-Reading Comprehension
    •Grid Coloring (Early Map Skills)
    •Shape Book Template
    •Clip Art for March
    •Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?
    •Ireland Map Quiz
    •Limerick Starter
    •Leprechaun Logic Problem
    •My Lucky Day- Eric Herman
    •How to Make a Leprechaun Hat
    •The First Lucky Charms Commercial
Various videos about St. Patrick's Day
    •Making Leprechaun Traps
This is a video of the leprechaun traps that students built. Then they had to write about how they trapped a leprechaun.
    •Kissing the Writing Stone
A fifth grade teacher describes her persuasive writing unit.
    •ReadWriteThink Graphic Organizer Activity
    •What Would You Do If You Had a Pot of Gold?
    •Over the Rainbow Writing Prompt
    •Wearing Green Writing Prompt
    •Horseshoe Writing Prompt

|  Crafts  |  Fun  |  History  |  Lessons  |  Math  |  Printables  |  Videos  |  Writing  |

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