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    •10 Stunning Pumpkin Carvings
    •24 Inspiration Pumpkin Carvings
    •Art Lessons
Incredible @rt Department
    •DLTK's Halloween Crafts
    •Pumpkin Carving 101
Halloween History
    •CBBC NewsRound- Halloween
Guide to Halloween
    •How Halloween Works - TLC
    •Smithsonian's Latin Day of the Dead Theatre
    •National Geographic - History & Myths
Halloween Resources
    •Halloween Traditions Around the World
    •History of Halloween
Reading passage and quiz
    •Halloween: Holiday of the Dead
Listening Activity
    •Halloween Worksheets
    •PBS Halloween Activities
    •Happy Howl-o-Ween - Animal Planet
    •Halloween Science Experiements
    •Mr. Donn's Day of the Dead Resources
    •Halloween Book Parade
Inside Angela's 4th Grade Classroom
    •Turn Halloween into Learning Holiday
Learning Games
    •Halloween Vocabulary Review & Game
    •Haunted House - Learn English Kids
    •Mia Cadaver's Tombstone Timeout!
English, Math and Science games
    •English Raven: Halloween Games
    •Ghost Motel - Video Game
    •Kidnapped by Ghosts
    •Halloween Interactive Games
InTec Insights: Technology Integration Ideas for Your Classroom
    •Animated Halloween
    •Trick or Treat - Novel Games
Find the shortest distance between the houses to gather treats.
Lesson Plans
    •Not Just Halloween: Festivals of the Dead From Around the World
    •English Lessons on Halloween
    •ESL Halloween Lesson
    •What Do Halloween Costumes Say? - Teaching Tolerance
    •It's Halloween!
    •Math Word Problems Created by 2nd Grade Students
    •Halloween Poetry Writing
    •History Channel - Halloween
    •Halloween Slideshow - NY Times
    •Haunted House Story
    •Halloween at the White House

|  Art   |  Halloween History  |  Halloween Resources  |  Learning Games  |  Lesson Plans  |  Videos  |

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