Chocolate Fever

literature analysis

Created by,
Kirsten Van Orden

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Use the story Chocolate Fever to analyis characters, study plot, learn vocabulary and learn about chocolate with fun activities.

    •Chocolate Theme Page
a hotlist of many chocolate pages including other literature links and theme links. Very large, useful teacher resource.
    •Teacher Unit plan
Useful for teacher to plan vocabulary and activities with Chocolate Fever
chocolate history
    •The Sweet Lure of Chocolate
How chocolate is made and why we love it.
    •A chocolate time line
Learn about chocolate from the beginning, 1500's, 1600's and on until the present.
Chocolate Science
    •How stuff works Chocolate
Learn where chocolate comes from and how it affects our body.
    •mighty moutwatering math
Mighty Mouthwatering Math teaches fractions and percentages in a motivating and mouth-watering way. Using bags of candy, it answers these questions: What is the percentage of each color? Are the percentages similar worldwide?
Student Unit List
    •Chocolate Fever
website has questions and activities for students to do after each chapter is read.
    •Chocolate Webquest
Student webquest to learn about the author Robert Kimmel and more about chocolate
    •Chocolate Trivia
test your chocolate knowledge
    •Name that Candy Bar
Research candy bars by cross section photos. Can you find your favorite? Think about the type of candy bar you want to create. Will it be a layered bar or a flat bar?

|  Chocolate  |  chocolate history  |  Chocolate Science  |  Math  |  Student Unit List  |

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