Lousiana Practitioner Teacher Program 2003-2004

A Sampling of Projects Designed by First Year Teachers

Created by,
Leilani Carbonell Pedroni

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This Web Resource List provides links to projects and lessons created by first-year teachers in the Louisiana Practitioner Teacher program through The New Teacher Project.

Classroom Management
    •Classroom Management Resources - by Sarah Bergstrom
    •Classroom Management Gems - by Molly Green
    •Dicipline by Design - by Nichole Krafve
    •Classroom Management - by Stephanie Scott
Language Arts Lessons and Activities
    •We Can Write It Ourselves - by Sarah Bergstrom
Second grade students examine how Dr. Seuss used the writing process to create his books, and use his work as a springboard to create a class story utilizing each step of the writing process, from brainstorming to publishing.
    •Telling Their Stories - by Stephanie Scott
Black History Month is a chance for students to research and write about history. The lives of famous African Americans and what they can teach us is given over to the power of student writing. Students will plan, research, draft, revise, and publish an essay that focuses on one influenctial African American.
    •Write Your Own Myth - by Nichole Krafve
A myth can be a highly entertaining read. After reading various examples of myths and discussing the elements of myths, I challenge my students to write their own myth. The steps of the writing process are utilized to ensure a well-written story.
Math Lessons and Activities
    •Discovering 0 and 1 as a Factor - by Stephanie Scott
This lesson lets student discover the pattern for multiplying by 0 and 1. Students use calculators to complete a the 0 and 1's time tables. The activity pushes them to find a pattern, explain it, and apply it to multiplication problems. For this activity a class set of calculators are needed, as well as a handout for each pair and student.
    •Candy Count - by Sarah Bergstrom
Lower elementary students will use Valentine candy to explore graphing skills. They will sort, classify different colored candy hearts. They will then graph and interpret the data to find out which color hearts are most common in standard boxes of candy.
    •Paperclip Place Value - by Nichole Krafve
Students will learn to actually understand place value, not simple point to a number and name which is in the hundreds place.
Social Studies
    •All Around the World - by Stephanie Scott
Students will work in groups to research and present information on another country. The focus of the research is on the cultural differences and similarities between international communities. For this project students will create a short powerpoint presentation that shows major findings.
    •Famous African Americans - by Stephanie Scott
You will find links to web pages about famous African Americans. These links are targeted toward upper elementary students researching for a Black History Month essay topic.
    •Traveling to Your Country - by Stephanie Scott
This resource list is customized for my third grade students researching foreign communities. Each website will contain information about the culture and traditions of a particular country.

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