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Can you loosen up and let poetry transport you into the wonderful world of creation and imagination?

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Treena Murray

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From giggles to tears poetry opens the senses through reading,writing, and reciting. Get lost in the wide world of wonder that poetry inspires!

Learn to Read, Write, and Recognize Different Types of Poetry
    •Forms of Poetry
    •Giggle Poetry
    •Let's Learn About Poetry
    •Poem Types
    •Poetry in Motion
    •The Poetry Zone
Online Poetry Contests for Children
    •Giggle Poetry
    •Scholastic Publish Online
Online Rhyming Dictionaries
    •Glossary of Poetic Terms
    •Kenn Nesbitt's Online Rhyming Dictionary
    •Lexical FreeNet
Lexical FreeNet can help you find related words, much like a thesaurus. However, thesauri can usually only find synonyms, and sometimes antonyms. The Lexical FreeNet can also find rhyming words, sound-alike words, anagrams (words that use the same letters), words that are specializations and generalizations (e.g., "truck" is a specialization of "vehicle", "bird" is a generalization of "robin"), and so on. If you have access to the Internet, I encourage you to spend a little time playing with this marvelous resource.
Online Writing, Step by Step
Children can proceed through a step-by-step poetry writing process with Karla Kuskin. (Kuskin was the recipient of the prestigious NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children in 1979.)
Writing Poetry with Jack Prelutsky - Children can proceed through a step-by-step poetry writing process with the highly popular children's poet.
Writing I Spy Riddle Rhymes with Jean Marzollo - Children can write rhyming riddles with a famous children's author.
Poems to Enjoy
    •Barking Spiders, (and Other Such Stuff)
    •FizzyFunnyFuzzy....Fun Poetry For Kids
    •Giggle Poetry
    •Giggle,Giggle, Snicker, Laugh!
Elementary Schools Poetry Pages
    •Pumpkin Patch
Student Poems
Poetry Webquest
    •A Journey Down Poetry Lane
    •Po-Etree, Inc.
Read and Rate Poetry: Your Opinion Counts
    •Giggle Poetry
Rate the Poetry listed below to help the publishers make publishing decisions.
Samples and Templates
    •Alliteration 2
    •Alliteration in Poems
    •Cinquain Worksheet
    •Couplet Sample
    •Haiku Sample
Free Verse Samples
    •Mr. Napier's Class
Samples of Cinquian's
Limerick Template
    •Poetry Corner
Haiku Poem Samples
    •The Limerick Page
Samples of Limerick's

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