Lights, Camera, Action

Using Movie Maker 2 and iMovie

Created by,
Carmen Marty
Kathy Powers

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Windows Movie Maker 2 is a free software that comes with the XP operating system. iMovie is free video editing software that comes with Mac Os X. Enhance learning and inspire the creativity of your students with these software! The sites below give basic tutorials and share ideas for Movie Making in the classroom. You can make great movies just using Power Point and your digital photos.

Classroom Ideas
    •Kids With Cameras
    •Digital Kids Club
    •Movie-Making for Kids
    •Kids Vid
    •iMovie Examples
    •iLife Award Winning Movie
    •Atomic Learning-Movie Maker 2
    •Microsoft's Download Site
    •Mighty Coach-Online Video Training
    •Atomic Learning-iMovie 2
    •Apple's iMovie Tutorial

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