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How can classroom communication and collaboration be enhanced with the usage of internet blogs?

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This WRL lists curricular and hosting information for using blogs in the classroom.

Blogging and Wikis Sites
    •Blogger-Create Your Blog Now
A free resource for creating and managing a classroom blog.
    •Bravenet WebBlogs
Create your WebBlog here.
    •Landmarks Blog Meister
An online blogging and hosting tool for classroom teachers.
    •Wikispaces-Wikis for Everyone
Create a wiki for your classroom here.
    •Wetpaint Free Wikis
Create easy to use Wikis here.
    •PB Wikis
Create a username account here to create a free PB Wiki.
Examples from Classrooms
    •Sarah Plain and Tall Book Blog
Students and teacher share thoughts and identify elements of the book.
    •Mrs. Lowe's Bravenet Forum
Mrs. Lowe's eMINTS classroom forum created with Bravenet tools.
    •Mrs. Young's Summer Book Club
A classroom blog set up to visit about summer reading materials.
    •Learning in Greece Blog
Janice Friesen uses her blog to communicate her travels in Greece with students back in the USA.
    •Blogical Minds Classpage
An example of a blog that is used as the class website.
    •Mr. C's Class Blog
A 5th grade blog from Noel Elementary.
    •Collaborative Wikis by Pam Lowe
Here are some wikis that the students in Pam's classroom are using.
    •Crayon Wiki Example
An example free wiki created at
    •SouthCentral eMINTS Example
A quick, example wiki created at PBwikis.
    •"What is It" Wiki
An example wiki from WetPaint. This is used for the IBL activity.
    •Mr. Mundorf's Blog
An example classroom blog with extensive information, images, and resources for social studies and civics.
Tips for Teachers
    •Educational Bloggers' Network
Tips and resources for educational blogging.
    •eThemes' Journals and Blogs
Several resources for educators that want to create online journals or blogs.
    •Blogger Tips and Tricks
Directions for changing code and removing the "next blog" button for students.
    •Educational Wikis-Eduwiki
Examples and ideas for using wikis in schools.
    •Educator Wiki Directory
Examples and advice from educators that are using wikis.

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