Smart Boards in Elementary Classrooms

How can Smart Boards enhance student achievement?

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Gayle Cantrell
Pam Lowe
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Department. Wichita Public Schools. 15 Sept 2005

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The activities listed below were accumulated from Missouri eMINTS teachers. These activities have been used and found beneficial for classroom use.

Communication Arts
    •Magnetic Poetry
Pick a topic and have your students manipulate words to create their own poetry.
    •Funny Animal Pictures
Select a funny animal picture and encourage your students to do some writing.
    •Comic Creator
Comic Creator fosters creativity and higher level thinking skills as students plan panels and captions.
    •Doodle Splash
Students draw a representation of a text, summarize the text, explain the doodle and then explain the significance of the doodle to the text.
Community Building
    •Imagination at Work
Drawing tools enhanced with online collaboration. Two students can work on the same image via internet.
    •Interactive Fractions
Visual aid for students that helps show fractional parts. Also displays percentages and ratios.
    •Pattern Block Activity
Interactive activity with pattern blocks.
    •Educational Java Programs
This site contains math lessons and manipulatives to use with your SMART Board. You must be able to view Java Applets
    •National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives
This site is well organized into math catagories by topics and grade levels.
    •Smart Board Lessons
Multiple lessons and activities for all subjects and grades. These lessons were compiled by Instructional Technologies, Witchita Public Schools.
    •Building Smarter Ways to Use the Smart Board
Downloadable and Online activities for Smart Board activities.
    •Smarter Teaching Smarter Learning
Website from Lee Summit School with activities for Smart Board use.
    •SmartBoad Information
Several excellent sites and workshops for resources, ideas and activities for teachers.
    •Interactive Resources
Links to several whiteboard activities at various grade levels.
Teacher Ideas
    •eMINTS National Center
Website denoting the uses of a SmartBoard in classroom environments.

|  Communication Arts  |  Community Building  |  Math  |  Multi-Lessons  |  Teacher Ideas  |

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