Decimals In The Real World

How do we use decimals in the real world?

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How do we use decimals in the real world? You might be surprised to find that they are an important part of many things like buying a car, calculating sports statistics and much more. Use the links below to help you understand how decimals can be used in the real world and why they are important to know about.

Currency Exchange
    •Currency Calculator
Say you are planning a trip to another county and you need to exchange American money to foriegn currency. Use this site to see how decimals work with currency exchnage.
Sports Statistics
    •Pro Basketball Statistics
Use see how decimals are used to track your favorite basketball players and team averages.
Stock Market
    •How the Stock Market Uses Fractions and Decimals
This site tells you how the stock market uses fraction and decimal driven Math to make it work.
Weight and Gravity on Other Planets
    •Your Weight on Other Worlds
Check out how decimals work when you convert your weight into pounds on other plants.
    •The Study: Your Weight on Other Planets
How do you calculate your weight on another planet? This site will show you how the Math works.
Weight, Atomspheric Pressure and Gravity - Looking at the Weather
    •How Air Pressure Affects You
Air pressure is the force exerted on you by the weight of tiny particles of air or air molecules. See how decimals can tell you about how air presrue affects you.
    •Air Pressure and Atmospheric Density
This site shows us that although we are not aware of it, we live at the bottom of an ocean of air. The atmosphere of our planet is pressing down on us all the time. See how decimals are used to create visual explanations of how the atmosphere can affect us.

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