eMINTS Veteran Summer Camp

Resources for Veteran Institute

Created by,
Doug Caldwell
Ruth Henslee

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As part of the eMINTS Veteran Institute, you will be expected to:

  1. Work collaboratively with other eMINTS teachers.

  2. Use online tools to communicate and create projects.

  3. Follow provided instructions and discussions to plan meaningful collaboration and educational tools for your classroom.

    Classroom Communication with Blogs, Wikis, Moodles, and More
        •Classroom Blogs and Wikis
    Create and view classroom blogs or wikis
        •World Wide Web Communication
    Blogging resources and classroom examples
        •Classroom Communication Blog
    Visit this blog to add your comments about communication
        •Podcasting 101
    A Wiki for beginning podcasters.
        •Podcast Publishing
    Resources from Fusion at Willard public schools.
    Quest Creation at Quest Garden
        •Quest Garden
    QuestGarden lesson authoring tools
        •Netiquette Sample Quest
    A QuestGarden sample product
        •Animal Camouflage Sample Quest
    Another QuestGarden sample product
    SMARTboard Topics
        •Staying Current with Your SMARTboard
    General SB resources from eIS.
        •SMARTboards in the Elementary
    Favorite activities for the SB from area eMINTS teachers.
        •SB Resources and Math
    Websites and ideas for using SMARTboards in the classroom.
        •SB and Communication Arts
    Websites and ideas for using SMARTboards in the classroom.
        •SB and Science and SS
    Websites and ideas for using SMARTboards in the classroom.
    Webfinds for eMINTS Classrooms
        •Educational Web Candy
    Handy sites from CIS
        •Web Candy Just for Fun
    Strange and zany sites
        •Scholastic Class Web Builder
    Create a free webpage online for your classroom.
        •Example Scholastic Page
    See an example page. Username is eagle and password is emints.
        •Will it Float?
    Interesting site to go with the crayon floating activities.
        •Site Sharing Network (eMINTS)
    Several of the latest sites and trends for usage in the classroom are shared here.
    Webpages and Other eMINTS Teacher Activities
        •Keeping Current with your Website
    Website worktime resources
        •e-Learning for Educators
    Online professional development for clasroom teachers
        •Stop Bugging Me
    An example eCoach-created lesson.
        •Inquiry-Based Learning
    Resources for IBL.
        •Computer Clean up Resources
    Use the ppt or doc to help with end of year computer clean up.

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