From Cradle to Grave (Web Resource List)

A list of web resources for use with the ILU Project, "From Cradle To Grave"

Created by,
Elaine Ngo

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This resource list is a good starting point from which to expand your web search for information pertinent to the ILU project, "From Cradle to Grave".

Environmental Issues
    •Farm Animals
    •Animals in the Wild
Great Sites Containing General Info!!!
    •Yahooligan's Environment
    •USDA Kid's Zone
    •The Globe Program
    •Statistical Data
Infamous Environmental Tragedies
    •Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Innovative Technologies
    •Solar and Wind Powered Homes
Materials Processing
    •Water Treatment
    •Paper Manufacturing
Waste Management Practices
    •General Information on Waste Management Practices

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