Native Californians

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A Native American woman (Miwok)
Photo Credit: Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library

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This Web Resource List is intended to be used with some of the lessons in the unit as well as to provide additional background information for the teacher and students.

    •Make a Totem Pole
Directions are given for a totem pole art project.
    •Creation Story of the Yokut People.
    •Mythology of North American Indians
This site tells about the mythoogy of several different tribes.
    •How Raven Stole the Sun
    •California's Native Americans
This map shows regions of California where different Native Californians lived.
    • The Californian Native American Language Map
This site displays a map showing where different languages were spoken by native American Tribes.
    •Outline Map of California
A basic outline map of California
Native Californians
    •The Pomo People: Brief History
This site contains a quick history of the Pomo people and a detailed map of the areas in California where they lived.
    •Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation
This is a detailed site that has a history of the Ohlone / Costanoan Esselen Nation and a map of the regions in northern California where they lived.
    •California Native American Page: Hupa
This site has a very brief description of the Hupa People and a map showing where they lived.
    •The Hupa
This is another nice site about the Hupa
    •The Native American's of Death Valley
This site describes how the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe lived in Death Valley.
This is a very nice site describing the Yokut way of life.
    •California InterMountain Culture
This is a site created by a third grade class which describes the daily life of the Chumash and Pomo.
    •The Miwok - Mount Diablo's Earliest Inhabitants
A site describing the culture of the Miwok of Mt.Diablo
    •California History Online
    •Native American Shelters
This site explains the different types of shelters used by Native Americans across the United States.

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