Learning about the Ozark Highland Region of Missouri

Ozark Highlands

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Mike Gossett. "Ozark Springs." Ozark National Scenic Riverways. 2006.

    •Encyclopedia definition of the Ozarks
    •Springfield, MO
Springfield is the largest city in the Ozark Highlands and is the third largest city in Missouri.
    •Ozark Trails
Look at the beautiful pictures of the Ozarks.
    •Use of the Ozark Land
    •Missouri Conservations Online
Check out the animals and plants that call the Ozark Highlands home.
    •Taum Sauk Mountain
    •Johnson's Sut-Ins State Park
    •Elephant Rock State Park
    •Ozark National Scenic Riverways
    •Missouri's Geographical Regions
    •Missouri Animals
    •Regions of Missouri

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