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Here is a list of resources to use with your class. This is a list of great interactive websites for all curriculum areas.

Language Arts
    •Magnetic Nursery Rhymes
Use these familiar nursery ryhmes to build sentences interactively.
This version of hangman might be challenging but will be a fun way to work with words.
    •Julie Thompson's List of Resources
A K-3 Language Arts and Math list of resources for the classroom.
    •Coxhoe Primary School Resources
Amazing list of resources. Everything you need.
This site is an interactive math site. Teaching tools and practicing game included.
    •Virtual Manipulatives
A great list of math tools. Perfect for the smartboard.
    •Global Classroom
Excellent resource list for Math and Language Arts.
    •Math Websites for Students
Lots of interactive Math activities on this site.
    •Cool Math 4 Kids
Games, flashcards, and more. Check out this interactive math site. You'll have loads of fun!
    •Ed Web
Everything is interactive on this web site. A huge list of resources. Check them out!
    •Math Cats
What a fun site. You'll find Math games, crafts, and more.
    •JC Schools PowerPoints
Math Power Point presentations for all ages. These make a great visual tool.
    •Fun Brain
Interactive Math games for everyone!
    •Edu Place
More interactive tools!
Other Great Resources
    •my e-coach web resource list
This is already created web list of several great ideas for using the smartboard in your classroom.
    •SmartBoard Templates
Wow! Excellent resource! Download this templates for use in your classroom.
    •Center School District Smartboard Resources
More great resources. Lessons, templates, and more.
    •Lee Summit Smartboard Resources
Another great list of resource to use with your smartboard.
Learn to read with this interactive website.
    •JC Schools
Everything interactive thing you need to teach reading.
    •JC Schools PowerPoint Presentations
Use these Power Points as a teaching tool to help teaching Reading.
This site has everything!
    •Read Write and Think
Excellent resource!

|  Language Arts  |  Math  |  Other Great Resources  |  Reading  |

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