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Melissa Anderson

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ABC Games
    •ABC Games
An already created weblist of primary aplhabet games.
    •Kindergarten Phonics Games
Great list of interactive sites for Kindergarteners.
    •Games just for Kindergarten
A just for fun list of games.
    •ABC's For K-2
Another great list of things to do with the alphabet.
    •ABC Order
Add your own words for students to put in alphabetical order. Great interactive activity
Alphabet Activities
    •Alphabet Reveiw
An e-coach activity for alphabet reveiw.
    •Alphabet Soup Webquest
Use this webquest activity in learn the alphabet.
    •ABC Interactive Coloring Book
This is an online interactive coloring book. A great tool for smartboard use.
Alphabet Awareness
    •Alphabetic Awareness
An e-coach weblist
    •Literacy Center
Great interactive Literacy Site for identifying and writing ABC's.
    •ABC Storybooks
Use these online alphabet story books to help your students learn the alphabet.
This site is an excellent resource for Math and Language Arts.
    •Kindergarten + Alphabet
Another i4c list or links and games. Great resource!

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