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Libby Harris

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Pedroni, Leilani. Child Writing. joewrite.jpg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 2 April 2004.

Meet the Author:

Libby Harris

San Angelo, TX 

Paint Rock

Paint Rock ISD

Reading Specialist
English/Language Arts
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
My Philosophy
My philosophy centers on the clean slate theory. It is my belief that every student that enters the classroom is able to learn, and no matter what happened yesterday, today is a brand new day of inspiration.
My Community
Paint Rock is a small community of about 350 citizens and a one-campus district of approximately 150 students pre-K through 12. The main visitor's attraction is the painted rocks left behind as historical artificats, which is located on private land, but tours can be scheduled. Another world-renown attraction is a hand-woven rug business, Ingrid's.
My Roles and Responsibilities
My classrooms include all students registered for English 7-12.

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