The Origin of Valentine's Day

Who is this mysterious Saint Valentine? How did his/her identity influence history and inspire the holiday set aside in his/her name?

Created by,
Treena Murray

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Meet the Author:

Treena Murray

Poplar Bluff, MO 

O'Neal Elementary School

Poplar Bluff R-1

English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
My Philosophy
Learning is a lifetime endeavor that is not only a privilege but a right and responsibility of each and every American. Education is power. Education is exciting. Education is fun. I enjoy learning and enjoy setting the stage for learning. I love the team concept and coaching my classroom team is great!
My Community
It's a rural community with about 20,000 population. We have 19 classroom teachers and 450 students in our 1-4 building. Our district has an Early Childhood Center, Kindergarten Center, four 1-4 Centers, a 5th-6th Grade Center, Jr. High, and High School. We are the 2004 5A Boy's State Basketball Champions!!!
My Environment
Our students demographic make up is 87% Caucasion, with 11 percent African American and small percentages of other races. We have 5 resource teachers, a new math remedial program, two fourth grade eMINTS programs, an AmeriCor Tutorial program, afterschool reading program, and Boys and Girls Club.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I have 25 fourth grade students. Of the 25, 5 have IEP's, 10 others came in reading a year below grade level, 3 others are in the Gifted Program, and all are good team members and working well with the eMINTS Program.

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