Writing Systems

Evolution of Writing and Scripts

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Pedroni, Leilani. Child Writing. joewrite.jpg. 2004. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 2 April 2004.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Writing Systems
Themes: Alphabetic
Curriculum Areas:English/Language Arts
Grade Level(s):10
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
English Language Arts and Reading
Independent Study in English
Knowledge and skills
1. Writing. The student uses writing as a tool for learning and research. The student is expected to:
1.B. use writing to organize and support what is known and what needs to be learned about a topic;
1.C. compile information from primary and secondary sources using available technology;
1.D. use writing to discover, record, review, and learn;
1.E. organize notes from multiple sources, including primary and secondary sources, in useful and informing ways;
1.F. link related information and ideas from a variety of sources;
1.H. compile written ideas and representations, interpret empirical data into reports, summaries, or other formats, and draw conclusions; and

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