The Origin of Valentine's Day

Who is this mysterious Saint Valentine? How did his/her identity influence history and inspire the holiday set aside in his/her name?

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Treena Murray

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Curriculum Snapshot:
Themes: The Origin of Valentine's Day
Curriculum Areas:History/Social Science
English/Language Arts
Grade Level(s):3, 4
Missouri Content Standards
Communication Arts-ELA (2003)
Grade 4
II. Writing
CA-4.II.2. Compose well-developed text using standard English conventions.
CA-4.II.2.A. Use conventions of capitalization in written text:
- holidays;
- names of counties and countries.
CA-4.II.2.B. In composing text, use:
- comma in a series;
- comma between city and state;
- apostrophe in contractions;
- apostrophe in singular possessives, with assistance.
CA-4.II.2.C. Use parts of speech correctly in written text:
- verbs that agree with compound subject;
- connecting words to link ideas (conjunctions).
CA-4.II.2.D. In writing, use:
- correct spelling of grade-level frequently used words;
- spelling strategies and patterns;
- classroom resources and dictionary to verify correct spelling.
CA-4.II.2.E. In composing text,
- use complete declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory sentences when writing text;
- identify and write simple compound sentences.
IV. Information Literacy
CA.1. Develop and apply effective research process skills to gather, analyze and evaluate information
CA.1.A. Formulate and research keywords and questions to establish a focus and purpose for inquiry
CA.1.B. Locate and use various resources to find information on keywords and questions
CA.1.C. Identify relevant information and record main ideas and important details in own words
CA.1.D. Informally give credit for others? ideas, images and information found in various resources

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