ABC Games

Do you know your ABCs?

Created by,
Michelle Robey

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Alphabet Blocks. Microsoft Word Clipart. 08/18/2005.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:ABC Games
Themes: Alphabet Recognition
Curriculum Areas:Reading
Grade Level(s):K
West Virginia Content Standards
Reading and English Language Arts (2003)
Standard 1: Reading (RLA.S.1)
RLA.K.1.5. recognize and name all lower/upper case letters in random order.

West Virginia Technology Standards
Technology Standards for Students (Policy 2520.14)
Standard 1: Basic Operations and Concepts (TEC.S.1)
TEC.K.1.1. locate and use letters, numbers and special keys on a keyboard (e.g., Enter, Space Bar, letters [in student's name], and number keys).
TEC.K.1.2. use a mouse to point and click, and place the cursor at a specified location.
TEC.K.1.3. log on to computer and start and exit programs.

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