How can Podcasting give your students a voice on the Web?

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Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Multimedia Production
Themes: Podcast
Curriculum Areas:Reading
Grade Level(s):7
Missouri Content Standards
Communication Arts-ELA (2003)
Grade 7
IV. Information Literacy
CA-7.IV.1. Develop and apply effective research process skills to gather, analyze and evaluate information
CA-7.IV.1.B. Locate and use multiple resources to
-acquire relevant information
-evaluate reliability of information
-fulfill research plan
CA-7.IV.1.C. Record relevant information using a variety of note-taking and organizational strategies
CA-7.IV.2. Develop and apply effective skills and strategies to analyze and evaluate oral and visual media
CA-7.IV.1.A. Identify and explain techniques used to convey messages in various media (e.g., videos, pictures, web-sites, artwork, plays and/or news programs)

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