Magnets and Us
What would our lives be like if there were no magnets?
Earth's Magnetosphere

The Earth is a Magnet! - Lesson 6 - day 5 - 45 minutes

In this lesson, the Earth’s Magnetosphere will be explored.


The teacher will take the children to the computer lab and ask them to an informational site provided by NASA. The children will be able to explore the site and the videos that are linked to the site.


The teacher will also show the videos:

What is the magnetic field?

Why Earth has a magnetic field?

Magnetic Fields                        


The teacher also can choose some of the following sites to show the students about Earth’s Magnetosphere:

  1. The Earth is a Magnet.
  2. Science briefs and reports page on the Space Weather Center site.
  3. Wikipedia’s article on the Magnetosphere.
All these articles are child friendly in language and content.


Children can choose among these two activities:

  • The teacher will ask the children to make a drawing representing the Earth’s Magnetosphere and label it accordingly.
  • Children can also make a mobile by using the directions found in the Enchanted Learning Site. This mobile will have to include wires around the Earth representing the magnetosphere.