Students Create ePortfolios
How do I learn? How have I grown?
"Students cannot be expected to learn to deal with complexity unless they have the opportunity to do so" (CTGV, 1991a, p. 36).

Portfolios are a wonderful way of demonstrating student understanding and progress relating to state standards.  Students often like portfolios because it helps give them goals and pride in their work. 

The inclusion of reflections is an excellent way to reinforce metacognition.  As educators we are concerned with student understanding and that they are competent in state standards and like having students explain why something meets a state standard. 

Electronic portfolios go beyond digital scrapbooks and demonstrate reflective learning.  The emphasis of this project on the portfolio side and the technology is to be used as a tool.  The technology is often what students are more interested in learning technical tools and the educator needs to make sure that students are spending enough time on the research and work itself.