Force & Motion
Force, motion, mass, gravity, machines, how does it all fit together?
What is motion?
Motion is the way something moves.  All kinds of things can move in different ways. Things can move in straight lines, curved paths (also known as a circular path), or back and forth motions (also known as vibrations).
Relative motion is the change of one’s position compared with another’s object’s position. You know the word relative means family member they are related. When thinking of relative motion the word relative is used to describe how the motions of two of more objects are connected. Like if you are in a plane and get up to use the bathroom, you are moving relative to the people who are seated on the plane. Everyone on the plane is moving relative to the plane. I hope that makes sense.
Another way we determine motion is through speed and frame of reference.
Speed is the rate at which an object changes position. That can measure how fast an object moves. The objects that don’t move while you are moving define your frame of reference. While velocity combines speed and direction an object is moving.

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