Mildred Taylor Study
Using historical context and literature circles to follow the path of an authors writing.
Letters to Mildred Taylor

The following are letters written by students to the author Mildred Taylor.

April 2008

Dear Mildred Taylor,


            I enjoyed your books a lot. They affected me a lot, especially when it comes to understanding what are things used to be in the past during slavery. I understand the situation of the black people of the late 1800’s. I now know what the slavery was like and how black people were treated during slavery. I also understand that in the South many of the black people were lynched. When I read the Gold Cadillac I understood that in the South, black people needed to get drinks at a different drinking fountain. Some restaurants didn’t accept black people. When I read the Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds it helped me understand that even though you are very famous or popular they still didn’t accept you at restaurant if you weren’t white. When the main character won the swimming contest and his white friends went to a restaurant, the restaurant didn’t accept him. There were lots of discriminations during slavery and injustice too. Thank you for the books that you wrote that help my classmate and me understand what is the situation of the black people during slavery and after it.





 March 18, 2008


 Dear Mildred Taylor,

              I have enjoyed many of your books. Reading these books made me see how it really was back then. I learned that the colored people had it very hard. The whites were very strict with the colored people they did not let them do anything with or be in the same room with them.


            In the book Gold Cadillac when Mama & Papa went down south they saw signs in restaurants, water fountains, and many other places that said “No Colored Allowed”. In some instances the colored people were charged more than the whites. I also read that Mama & Papa brought extra food when they went down south because they knew that they would not be able to go eat at a restaurant. The police accused Papa of stealing the Cadillac because he was a man of color. The police took him to the police station and made him pay a speeding ticket.


            I also enjoyed reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. In this book the whites were very harsh to the colored people. I read a part in the book about when she pushed the girl on the sidewalk because she was colored.


            I do not agree on how the whites made sure to have better things than the colored. The whites even had better water fountains to drink from compared to the colored people.

I am happy to see how many things have changed for the better. It has not been easy at all for the colored people they faced so much discrimination and were not treated fairly. There were many strong people along the way in order to create change such as Rosa Parks not moving to the back of the bus and was arrested, but she stood her ground.


            Thank you for writing these great books, they were very interesting and I learned so much. I look forward in reading, sharing, and recommending your books to others. I want to ask others that read the books for their opinion on the book. I think everyone is going to say that they learned a lot by just reading one book. The next book I looking forward on reading is Mississippi Bridge. I hope you enjoyed my letter about how reading these books has affected me.



Sincerely, Jasmine