Online Resources for Reading, Sharing and Responding to Literature
Student Book Reviews Online

  • Kids on the Net - Authors and Reading - this site has lots of reviews of popular books by other kids. Under the submit your writing link students can submit their own reviews and other writing for publication on this site.
  • Mildred Taylor Authors Study - Literature Circle study of author Mildred Taylor by SSFUSD teachers Karen Richey. See student responses to Taylor's books under Published Work.
  • Edna Brewer Book Reviews - This is a website where middle school students from Oakland created audio book reviews.
  • Reading and Talking about AR Books - Middle School Teacher uses VoiceThread for students response to reading.
  • World of Reading - book reviews written by and for kids. You search by book title.
  • Middle School Book Review Website - this site has lots of review written for and by middle school students. Students can also submit reviews for publication.
  • Merlyn’s Pen - This is a site where there is lots of published writing by students from all over the country. If you click on the Enter Library and search under Reviews (you can also choose grade level) you can find any number of books reviewed by students. Students can also submit written work for publication. The one drawback is that this site will download pdf files of the writing from their library.
  • Student Book Reviews - from Mills Lawn School, students post short reviews as well as there is an invitation to submit a review for post.
  • Book Reviews List - from the Literary Book Club site has lots of reviews written by students.
  • The Spaghetti Book Club - book reviews by kids and more.
  • Stonesoup Book Reviews - reviews written by students.
  • FanFiction - a site where youth can talk about books of all kinds, write reviews, write themselves into stories, add their own chapters to their favorite books and more. This site is really a big database with a list of published writing - it is very informal. Kids can also review each others writing and give feedback.
  • Teens Read - site that has lots of reviews and other stuff for young teens around reading.