Online Resources for Reading, Sharing and Responding to Literature
Authors Resources and Background Information

The following sites can help you find resources that can build background knowledge for your students about the topics and themes they are reading. The web is full of very specific resources that can help you with this, here are a few general sites that bring to life information on American History, author interviews and experts, other video and audio resources.
  • National Visionary Leadership Project - This is a site where you can find lots of video interviews of authors and visionaries talking about the civil rights movement in America. This is the site where we got the Maya Angelou interview talking about how she became a writer and Benjamin Hooks talking about Brown vs. the Board of Education that we sent you earlier this month. Itís an incredible rich site and work spending some time going through it.
  • National Visionary Leadership Project Student Resources - Also a great resource with timelines, speeches, images, worksheets and other curriculum information.
  • American Life Histories - Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project 1936-1940 - this site is part of the National Archives, American Memory Project and holds hundreds or interviews, pictures and text by writers from that time period.
  • The American Memory Project - great source of primary source materials including audio, images, text and photographs of original documents in American History.
  • Read Out Loud - this site is a great place to search for audio books and authors reading. It is the site where we got the Maya Angelou excerpt from the Caged Bird we using during the summer institute. You can search by authors and usually find a short excerpt from books to listen to. But is a commercial site and also sells audio books.
  • Reading Rockets - this site is a great resource for author videos. Itís all about childrenís and teen books. They have lots of the authors that your students are reading.
  • Barnes and Noble Media - this may be a little bit of a long shot but there are a few children books author video interviews on here (mostly adult stuff though) but I thought it was worth putting in because they are regularly adding new stuff and who knows - you might find just the right thing! For example the page linked is an interview with Kate DeCamillo.
  • Book Wrap Central - this site has lots of video interviews with authors talking about young readers books.