A Wrinkle in Time
Can Three Children Overcome the Force of It?
Chapter 3: Mrs. Which


  • indignant- angry at an injustice
  • gamboled- frolicked
  • wryly- grimly and humorously
  • morass- swamp, confusion
  • tangible- solid; able to be touched
  • plaintively- woefully
  • dubiously- doubtfully

Comprehension Questions

  1. Meg has never thought of herself as lucky. Why does Calvin think she is?
  2. Meg is brillant in math, yet she is practically failing it at school. Why?
  3. Calvin is popular, athletic, and well-liked by everybody. Explain why he felt so alone and isolated before meeting the Murrys.
  4. What is Meg's greatest fear about her father and his "top secret" job?