A Wrinkle in Time
Can Three Children Overcome the Force of It?
Section Activities

1. Setting and Inference

Anthropologists record their findings about new cultures in field logs. In your group, write down at least eight observations about the culture of the new planet we are introduced to in chapters 6-7, Camazotz. Be thorough in your observations and descriptions as you will use this field log in the next activity.

2. Dramatic Extension

Using your field log discoveries, your group will be assigned a scene that you will use to write a 3-5 minute scene from a play about life on Camazotz. Your play can be funny, eerie, mysterious, etc. It cannot be violent.

The scene will be one of the following:

  1. An average evening meal on Camazotz
  2. A bit of a day at school on Camazotz
  3. Two families shopping for groceries on Camazotz
  4. What a holiday on Camazotz might be like

Your group will perform this scene for the class.