A Wrinkle in Time
Can Three Children Overcome the Force of It?
Section Activities

1. Prediction

Using the information you have so far, make a prediction about what IT will look like. Write a paragraph description of IT.

2. Cause and Effect

In class, complete the matching activity. Several actions from the novel are listed that you will need match up with either the cause or effect of the action.

3. Figurative Language

We have already discussed simile (comparison using like or as)-such as "a voice like an unoiled gate"-in a previous section. A metaphor is a comparison that does not use like or as. Authors are not always clear about what they are comparing, instead giving hints. In chapters 9-10, L'Engle is comparing IT to something in our world. She does not do this directly, but gives many clues.

In class, we will use these clues to find out what IT is a metaphor for.